Keeping Active

Keeping active is really good for your mind as well as your body, and you don’t have to join a gym. There are lots of activities that you can do, and even something simple like walking to school every day can help.

Keeping active helps your body produce good chemicals which can naturally make you feel happier. Taking up a sport like football, rugby or netball can help you make friends.

Going out for walks in the fresh Welsh air is a cheap option, and the links below will give you some ideas on what’s around in your area.

Sometimes you need to get the bus or the car, but take advantage of any dry weather by walking or riding your bike or scooter to get places. If you find a sport you enjoy it won’t feel like a chore, you won’t mind getting sweaty, and afterwards you should feel so much better.

Just a few small changes will help you feel happier and healthier every day.

There’s lots of local activities to get involved in!

Useful Resources

Sports Wales

Visit Sports Wales – Keeping Children Active.

With everyone spending more time at home staying active and healthy can be really tough.

But being active is so important to our mental and physical health.

Vist Sports Wales

Get active in Neath Port Talbot

Find information about projects we have available in Neath Port Talbot to encourage the population to become more physically active.

NPT Physical Activity and Sports Service

Get active in Swansea!

The Active Young People (AYP) team work with primary, secondary schools and local sports clubs across Swansea and are responsible for providing a variety of exciting sport and physical activity opportunities for young people aged between 5 and 16 years, as part of their school extra-curricular programmes and within their local communities.

Visit Active Young People

Swansea North Active People’s Project (SNAPP)

Do you live in the Cwmtawe or Llwchwr areas of Swansea? Want to start being more active and explore ways to feel better about yourself?

The new SNAP Project offers support to anyone aged 11+ for up to 12 weeks.


Walking and other activities

The National Trust have their 50 things to do before you’re 11 and ¾ list.

Visit National Trust

Exploring and adventure

The RSPB have good resources linking young people to wildlife

Visit RSPB