Sexual health

Sexual health services are free and available to everyone. Call 0300 555 0279. Your details will be taken and you’ll then receive a telephone call from a nurse or doctor. If you prefer, you can opt for a video consultation.

What to expect +

As part of your consultation, you’ll be asked some personal questions such as your medical and sexual history, what contraception you use, and about your sex life and sexual partners.

All information will be treated confidentially and nobody within your household will be contacted. If it’s felt that you’re at risk, or another person is at risk, other services will be informed.

What support does the service provide? +

Sexual health services provide:

  • Advice on sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and how to protect yourself
  • STI testing and treatment
  • Information on different types of contraception
  • Any type of contraception, including emergency contraception, contraceptive pill, injection, implant and coil.

Get more information from the Swansea Bay Health Board website, or Frisky Wales.

Swansea Bay Health Board are now visiting different areas throughout Bridgend, Neath, Port Talbot and Swansea to deliver services following the telephone consultation. Please call for more information.

Testing for sexually transmitted infections +

Home testing STIs are available from Frisky Wales for free. You will be asked to complete an online questionnaire and then select the test you require. The test will be posted to your home address. If you don’t want a test to come to your home address, please contact the helpline 0300 555 0279.

You’re advised to wait two weeks after potential exposure before providing a sample for chlamydia and gonorrhoea, and six weeks for HIV and syphilis.

You will be texted negative results. If you have a positive result, or if your answers have indicated that you need further advice, the sexual health service will be in touch to arrange your free and confidential treatment and care.

Pregnancy Advisory Service +

If you’d like support regarding an unplanned pregnancy or a termination of pregnancy, please call 01792 200303 to make a self-referral.

More support and information

Swansea Bay University Health Board

Visit the Health Board’s website for further information on STIs and pregnancy, including their pregnancy advisory service.

Visit NHS

Swansea Info-Nation

Swansea’s Info-Nation operates the C-Card Scheme which gives 11-25 year olds a safe space to talk about your relationships, and the part that sex might play in them. They also provide free condoms, pregnancy testing and support to access more specialist sexual health services.

Visit Infonation

Youth Service – Neath Port Talbot

If you want support in understanding your sexual health, or have questions about how to keep yourself safe, contact the Youth Service in Neath Port Talbot for information.

Tel: 01639 763030

Frisky Wales

Get advice and support in relation to testing, pregnancy and contraception in your local area.

Visit Frisky Wales

NHS Direct

Information on NHS Services in your area.

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