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Coping with common issues

Children and young people can be affected by many things that happen in their lives. Explore the topics below and take a look at the guidance on how to get more help.


Are you feeling angry and getting angry and don’t know why?

Learn More About Anger


Are you worried about bullying?

Support With Bullying

College and University

Are you at college or university and are worried about something?

College and University

Drugs and Alcohol

Worried about yourself or someone else’s substance use?

Help around Drugs and Alcohol

Domestic Abuse

Worried about things at home?

Domestic Abuse

Feeling different?

Do you identify as LGBTQ? Do you have a disability or additional needs?

Feeling different


Has your gambling started to worry you?

Support around Gambling

Housing & Living Independently

If you are living independently already or are thinking about it there are services to support you.

Living Independently

Loss / Bereaved

Has someone close to you died?

Find ways to cope

Panic and Panic Attacks

Panic is a word that’s used a lot, but what does it really mean? And how is a panic attack different from just ‘panic’?

Information and support on Panic

Physical Health

Do you have a physical health issue that is impacting on your emotional health and wellbeing?

Support around physical health issues

Sad or Low?

Do you very sad or extremely low? Discover ways to help yourself.

Find ways to cope


Are you at school and something is worrying you?

Support in School


Have you been hurting yourself or feel like you want to?

Get advice on how to handle it


Find out how to improve yours.

Self-image support

Sexual Health

Get the right advice to keep you safe.

Advice and support on Sexual Health

Stressed or Worried?

Are you feeling really stressed or worried about something?

Find help here

Young Carer or Young Adult Carer

Are you looking after someone?

Information and help