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Getting the support you need

Understanding what’s happening to you and why you’re feeling a certain way isn’t always simple. Our heads can be incredibly complicated places and our emotions even more difficult to interpret.

Sometimes those around you might notice that something is wrong before you do. Take a look at the tidyMinds clues below for help with what to look out for. You’ll also find useful tips and hints on getting the most out of people who are there to support you.

If you’re already receiving help for your mental health from Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS), you may need different information.

Some clues you might need some support +

Here are some clues that you might be worried, stressed or need a little extra support:


Sleeping: do you have sleepless nights? Do you struggle to get to sleep or do you wake up in the night?

Eating: are you losing your appetite or eating more than you usually do?

Relationships: are you avoiding your friends or loved ones? Do you need extra distractions to keep your mind of things?

Family: has someone in your family or a friend said that they’re worried about you?

Exercise: do you feel like you don’t have any energy or are you exercising more than usual?

Drugs and alcohol: are you using these as a way to cope with your emotions?

Getting advice +

Although it might feel difficult, talking to a trusted friend, relative or adult can be one of the best ways of starting to look after yourself and moving forward.

tidyMinds has some useful information on:

Your GP/doctor can also provide professional help and guidance. Talking about your mental health can be hard so DocReady have put together some tools that will help you prepare for the first time you visit a doctor.

Why do I feel this way? +

Sometimes you might know why. If you’ve experienced something upsetting or stressful, this can have a big impact, even if it happened a long time ago. Or perhaps something has happened but you haven’t realised that it is the problem.

And sometimes there just isn’t a reason and it’s the way the chemicals are behaving if your brain.

The tidyMinds ‘Coping with Common Issues’ page provides information and guidance on a whole range of ways that young people can be affected by things.

Staying safe +

Even if something scary or stressful happened to you a very long time ago, it can really affect your mental health. If you’ve been hurt, treated in a way that makes you feel unsafe or frightened, unhappy or lonely, it’s important that you tell an adult that you trust.

Check out suggestions on where to get support on our Staying Safe page.

Helping a friend +

It’s natural to want to help our friends when they’re upset, facing problems or behaving in a harmful way. However, it’s not always easy to know what to do. This website is a good place to start so take some time to see what it has to offer.

If you’re finding it hard to tell a friend you’re worried, our starting conversations page can give you some helpful pointers.

Giving support to someone in need can also be difficult for you too. So take the time to look after yourself. Our top tips for feeling good might come in handy here.

Self Care


Check out the tidyMinds Self-Care page for links to useful information, resources, apps, exercises and more.

tidyMinds Self-Care

Talk to someone 24/7


Childline is a free and confidential helpline.

7:30am – 3:30am on weekdays
9:00am – 3:30am on weekends

Freephone: 0800 1111

Online chat available

Send an email



MEIC is a helpline service for children and young people up to the age of 25 in Wales. Support is available in Welsh and English.

8am to midnight, 7 days a week.

Freephone: 0808 80 23456

Text Message: 84001

Online chat: www.meic.cymru


Further support

Support available in Swansea

Find out about support services, including counselling and therapeutic interventions, available to children and young people in Swansea.

Services in Swansea

Support available in Neath Port Talbot

Take a look at the services supporting children and young people with their mental health in Neath Port Talbot.

Services in Neath Port Talbot


DocReady have put together some tools to help you prepare for the first time you talk to a doctor about your mental health.



Whether you want to know more about how you’re feeling, get info about a mental health condition or know what support is available to you, our guides can help.



Looking for info on medication and mental health? YoungMinds have put together some general information which might help.

Please note: this is not medical advice. Always talk to your doctor.


CAMHS Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services

For more info on support available for the more severe/complex end of the range of mental health problems, visit the tidyMinds CAMHS page.