Physical Heath

Having a chronic health diagnosis can make you feel sad, depressed and overwhelmed. These feelings may come and go for both you and your family and are perfectly normal.

Parents, school staff and health workers are continually learning more effective ways to support children with their emotional wellbeing, nevertheless, children who have a chronic illness or condition often feel ‘different’, socially isolated, and restricted in their activities. They may have school problems and  feel overprotected. They may experience recurrent fear and pain. This can lead to:

  • anxiety
  • sadness
  • withdrawal
  • rebelliousness (refusing medication, experimenting with drugs and alcohol)
  • decreased interest in school and other activities

If you have experienced any of these feelings it’s important that you seek support from a caring, loving, accessible adult – someone you can count on and trust.


Diabetes UK Helpline have trained counsellors who really know about diabetes. They’ll take the time to talk things through with you. They can chat about any emotional, social, psychological or practical difficulties you might be having. And it’s all confidential.

Call: 0345 123 2399* Monday to Friday, 9am–7pm.